Marathon Spending Log

Why am I keeping a log of my marathon-related expenses? Find out here.

as of 3/7/2017

1. Race Fee: $195.00.
The cost to officially register for my goal race, the Chicago Marathon.

Notes: Yikes – not off to a great start! Of course I would sign on to a minimalist marathon training cycle and then choose one of the three most expensive marathons in the country to run. But the experience of running a World Marathon Major will be unforgettable, and I’m hoping this will help hold me accountable to my spending in other areas. The fact that I’ve already spent so much just on the registration is greater incentive to cut costs in other areas.

Would-be marathoners out there, don’t fret! This isn’t the norm. The average marathon entry fee, depending on how early you register, is in the ballpark of $100. Many of them also offer special deals and coupons throughout the registration period that you can take advantage of to possibly snag a lower price. Also, some bigger marathons have charity programs that you can run with, where in exchange for raising funds on behalf of the charity you can get your race entry paid for.

2. Shorts: $16.99
Clothing to use for training

Notes: Replacing uncomfortable (but cute) workout gear with something more appropriate for my body type. More details here.

3. Tune-up races: $25.00
Races run for practice/fun during the marathon build-up

Notes: While not technically essential for marathon training, tune-up races provide valuable benefits and experience for the training process. More details in my update post here.

TOTAL: $236.99