1962491_857873817347_5215459369000419761_oHi. I’m Hanna. Just your average soon-to-be 30-something.

Most people practicing minimalism focus on paring down their worldly possessions and spending habits to the few things they really need and love. As an avid runner and beginner minimalism practitioner, it took me an embarrassingly long time to connect the dots and ask myself: how can I cut the clutter out of my running life and distill it down to what really matters?

I’ve always been the runner to splurge on new workout clothes and gear “just because,” drop registration fees on races I don’t really want or need to run, and throw myself into hardcore training cycles that take over my life out of a compulsive desire to always beat my last race. Well, I’ve decided that I want things to be different this time.

Minimal marathoner is my journey to prepare for the granddaddy of road running without all the excess. I’m going to be relying on the things I have instead of spending money on things I don’t need, and most importantly, I’m going to be simplifying my training in an effort to enjoy it more and balance it with the rest of my life.

My hope is that I will gain a deeper, more spiritual connection with the art of running and a greater appreciation of what it means to run a marathon.