While You Were Out

I’ll make this short sweet and to the point: I woke up this morning and decided to take the rest of the month (and thus, year!) off from blogging.

This is quite possibly the best time of year for quiet inward reflection and simplicity in all things. The holidays have arrived in a parade of lights, snow flurries, tinkling bells and wafting aromas, and a tumultuous year is coming to a close.

So, I am taking the blog off my plate this month. I’m going to focus instead on getting through these last few weeks of work, preparing to have a good holiday, and digesting the undulating murky mass of running-to-stand-still that was 2016.

I have a lot on my mind lately in terms of running, too. As I look ahead to a new year and another marathon, I’m having conflicting and complicated feelings about what I really want out of running and what path I need to take to get there. So, I’m going to bow out of the social running world for a while to figure (and run!) things out.

I might pop in every so often to read some blogs, but otherwise I’m going to make myself scarce. I’ll still be Instagramming when I have something worth posting.

And if you’re bored, shoot me an email! I love emailing – the friendships I’ve developed that started in blog comments have been one of the most rewarding parts of this blogging journey.

Otherwise, minimal marathoner will see you again in 2017! Can’t wait for a new year, a new running journey, and the big 3-0.


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