Marathon Spending Log Update #2

I actually made this purchase a couple weeks ago, but I keep forgetting to write about it! This spending log is taking some getting used to, and I only have two entries! Oh, the woes of a naturally disorganized person, haha.

minimal marathoner Marathon Spending Log: purchases as of 11/18/2016

Race Fee: $195.00.
The cost to officially register for my goal race, the Chicago Marathon.

Shorts: $16.99
Clothing to use for training

Notes: So, after hundreds of dollars and several uncomfortable summer runs, I have finally admitted the truth: I, Hanna, have a shorts problem.

No, I don’t mean that I can’t stop myself from buying shorts. I mean, I can’t stop myself from buying shorts that are uncomfortable, ill-fitted and not flattering because I continue to entertain the delusion that what looks good on other women will look good on me too.

The popular style of women’s running shorts these days is just not a good fit for my body type. I have that winning combination of long legs and wide hips that makes short shorts look like underwear on me. Not only that, but they uncomfortably bunch up on me while I run in them, and I’m constantly paranoid that my butt is hanging out. I considered that it was an issue of incorrect sizing, but I’ve repeatedly had this problem with short shorts – both running shorts and regular shorts. They seem to fit fine just putting them on, but once I become active in them, they are not comfortable at all.

So why do I keep buying them? Because they’re sooooo cute and soooo stylish, of course! The materials are amazing and I feel so sleek and, uh, runner-y in all these brand-name clothes!

But then I catch myself in a mirror or a race photo and suddenly those soooo cute shorts are just sooooo….short. Yikes. Thighs for days! And the bunching up is just awkward.

I have two pair of (expensive) Lululemon shorts. I love them – they really are soooo cute. I love the patterns, the colors, the soft flexible materials. But, my journey into a more minimalist running life has opened my eyes to the fact that cute and stylish are not more important than being comfortable and wearing things that feel more appropriate for my body type.

So, I am (painfully) getting rid of my Lululemon shorts, and replacing them with shorts that that look and fit better on me. That means a little more length and a little more room to breathe. I already have a pair of black Oiselle rogas I bought a while back, and I decided I would probably need another pair since I will be training in the heat and humidity of summer, meaning a LOT of running in shorts.

I was tempted to get another pair of rogas in a different color, because they are great shorts and I like them a lot. But then I thought of this spending log, and my journey to a more minimalist lifestyle, and the crazy amount of money I already spent just to register for Chicago. While I wouldn’t be saving big bucks by buying cheaper off-brand shorts, every dollar makes a difference toward that final total in my spending log, and those purchases we all justify by saying we would only be saving “a LITTLE money” add up really, really fast.

So I clicked out of, and instead of spending $46 on shorts, I went to Target and bought a pair for $16.99. And I am now good on shorts for the summer, I think.

During the colder months I’ll still be rockin’ my cute tights, but as I go through another workout wardrobe purge, shedding things I never wear and/or are not comfortable and replacing them with fewer and more practical items, it’s looking more and more like I will train for my next marathon dressed more like a high schooler in gym class than a fashionable 30-year-old women.

I think this reflects not just a shift to a more minimalist style, but also that I am not basing as much of my identity on running as I used to.

Besides, I already look like I got hit by a train when I’m running – cute clothes couldn’t fix that before, and they still can’t. Bring on my summer of plainness!

TOTAL: $211.99


8 thoughts on “Marathon Spending Log Update #2

  1. I feel your pain on finding just the right pair of shorts. Despite there being so many on the market, it’s hard to find a pair that’s a perfect fit! I currently run in Lululemon Speed Shorts but have also worn Oiselle Rogas. Definitely check out the brand on Amazon – they recently had Rogas for as little as $8 and change!


  2. LOL. I have similar issues with shorts. I think because I lost weight, they don’t ride up as much in my race photos. That is definitely the reason why I don’t really post race photos though. I always look cute in my before and after photos, but only because I pull down the shorts and take a bajillion re-takes. 🙂


  3. I love Target’s clothes. They have some great styles (some are even knock offs of Lulu) and they’ve always lasted really well for me throughout the years! I do have to admit Lulu is one of my indulgences and treats during training. I only let myself buy from them for special occasions so each piece means a lot to me! I just wish it wasn’t so expensive..


  4. I have the same problem with shorts! I just kinda decided to embrace it… I mean they fit okay, it’s just that I get a few weird looks! One thing I did notice is that when I was setting out at 6am for an all-day run through London, I just didn’t want to feel exposed like that. There are always weirdos still kicking around from the night before, and it’s just not worth it. I would always go for capris in that situation, even though I usually hate capris!

    Now we’re heading into winter I need some new long tights… two of my three pairs have worn out. Weirdly this is a signal for me to actually invest in a good pair. I’d rather spend £60 on a good pair that will last me a few years than less on another pair that will just wear out! It’s frustrating but I’m focusing on buying quality over quantity. Hopefully it’ll work out for me!


  5. You should check out Amazon for cheap running clothes! I love my Saucony bullet shorts and I’ve found them as cheap as $10 on Amazon. I’m honestly a bit underwhelmed by Lululemon – I have some great items from Oiselle (always on sale lol), but usually I chose Saucony or Athleta because their stuff lasts a long time and they usually have great sales or discounts (which they let you know about via their email list).


  6. I like
    Target’s tops, I haven’t tried their shorts. All but one pair of my shorts are about 10 years old (they are Nike) The only difference I find in the cheaper clothes is that the shirts tend to get stinky quickly, but I just add vinegar to the wash…I tend to spend the bulk of my running budget on socks (good ones) and sneakers. I probably could save on sneakers by buying online, but I do like supporting my local running store :).


  7. I went through this a long time ago. I am so ridiculous when I run but it’s all about function over fashion. I wear warm pajama pants because warm is better than the look. I’m sure people see me and ask “what the he@# is that guy wearing” lol. I’ll have to post about that now that the cooler weather is here in AZ.


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